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Leadership is a partnership

In order to lead effectively, it is necessary to learn about the people you are leading. I believe that leadership should be about working together to achieve what both parties want. I am not dictatorial, I build consensus.

When arranging, let the music do the talking

I believe the job of a choral arranger is to translate the original material into a form that suits the new ensemble - without distorting the original intention. A good arrangement should be invisible - it shouldn't draw attention to the arranger.

Consultancy as counselling

In counselling and dispute resolution, an effective technique is to "hold a mirror up" to the parties involved so they can see their behaviour from a neutral viewpoint. They can then decide whether there is anything about what they see that they would like to change - and the counsellor can provide tools to help people make these changes. My Choral Consultancy service takes the same approach - I hold a virtual mirror up to the choir and ask them if there is anything about what they see that they would like to change, then provide the tools for making that change. The change comes from within, and hence is far more likely to be self-sustaining. The results can be dramatic!

Enable others to achieve

I see my role as someone who can enable others to achieve their potential. I have no desire to take the limelight, or to be a diva. I take pride in my work, but don't let ego enter into it. My first priority is to meet the needs of my clients, big or small. My goal is to develop a lasting, positive relationship with everyone I work with, based on mutual respect.